Beer Flavored Candy Offers A Solution To Lack Of Suds

Beer is not entirely unlike Tabasco sauce. This Brew Candy mixed bag proves it.

Stay with us. We’re going somewhere with this.

Much like Tabasco, it seems nearly anything flavored with some choice suds just tastes…”better”. We chalk it up to the rich, complex tapestry of flavors that make any expertly blended craft brew such a treat. If you can’t get hands immediately on a frost bottle or can of the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems – or perhaps just happen to crave a cold one at an inappropriate hour – then these delicious hard candies are no less than manna from Heaven when kept in a desk, in the car, or by the bed.

Each 4oz. mixed bag contains three flavors capturing the essences of three widely beloved beer varieties: Honey Ale, Hoppy IPA, or the full body of Roasty Stout (easily our personal favorite).

Hey, if Shock Top can successfully concoct a perfectly wonderful pretzel-flavored wheat beer, we see no reason we shouldn’t choose these sudsy sweets over Grandpa’s Werther’s Originals every time.


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Great Gift for Beer Lovers

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