18 Real-Life Unique Animal Hybrids Defy All Laws Of Nature

Remember the moment in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE when our endearingly awkward teen hero proclaims the liger “pretty much [his] favorite animal ever” due in no small part to being bred for its magical powers?

Well, have a gander at the lead photo in this tour of 18 hybrid animals that, incredibly, actually exist today. Yes, that is indeed what happens when a Daddy Lion and Mommy Tiger love each other very much. Below, feast your eyes upon a tigon, the end product when a trusting lady lion from the savannah comes down with a case of jungle fever makes some sweet humpity-bumpity with a studly tiger.

Awww, yeah. Nature, baby.

To be a bit more accurate, yes, a number of these curious wild “oopsies” grew from various and sundry species apparently not always being especially picky about whose Rod A goes into whose Slot B. That’s how we end up with curiosities such as the coywolf, a not-infrequent-at-all blending of the closely genetically aligned wolf and coyote. In other instances, however, we get creations such as the savannah cat, a mixed breeding of domestic cats with servals that are questionably legal to own and highly expensive.

Hey, Mother Nature, whatever twists your Twizzler.

Source – BoredPanda

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