Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Arrives….Now, With 100% Less Will Smith!

No matter how many leaked set reports we read or official teaser stills we see, some coming attractions just never feel “real” until we experience the first trailer. After an uncommon scarcity of sneak peeks throughout its production, we can now truly admit that INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE is an impending reality.

In the 20 years since Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman saved all humanity from a devastating alien siege that reduced the White House to 1996’s most infamous explosion of flaming matchsticks, we have apparently turned the tables. The montages of this trailer demonstrate that, while Goldblum has done his very damnedest over the course of two decades to assure mankind that the original invading race wasn’t done with Earth by a damn sight, we’ve been reverse engineering their technology to sharpen our own spears.

As Pullman’s iconic “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day” speech from Roland Emmerich’s astonishing mid-’90s blockbuster drones in the background, one scene after another depicts the second war between humans and interstellar hostiles escalating into orbital dogfights and more.

OK, let’s play nice with the elephant in the room: no Will Smith. In fact, the Internet seems to have widely taken offense that his heroic Capt. Steven Hiller has essentially been given the “Poochie” treatment, being unceremoniously killed in an aerial offscreen backstory explosion that wiped him out without a trace. Theories abound as to why the conquering hero of INDEPENDENCE DAY was so swiftly and “disrespectfully” blown to bits, but most assume that Big Willie wanted a ridiculous sum of money to return, insisted someone cast the black hole of talent that spawned from his…um….”Big Willie” in a plum role, or a combination of the two.

Whatever the case, we’re just going to assume pieces of the Fresh Prince are still raining down over Bel-Air. That’s that.

Perhaps more answers will await when INDEPENDENCE DAY:RESURGENCE hits theaters on June 24, 2016.



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