Bacon Scarf Brings Nature’s Perfect Food To Bear On Winter’s Chill

There isn’t a whole lot you could convince us bacon cannot improve. Ice cream sundae? Needs more bacon. BLT? Your sandwich could contain at least two-thirds more bacon if you would only ditch the lettuce and tomato. What could possibly make a NyQuil nap better? The scrumptious taste of bacon filling our mouths right before we go down for the count.

Bad bout of Ebola destroying your skin? Rub some bacon on it.

The best bacon, however, is a practically perfect pork product we can wear for an added layer of cozy comfort on the most bitter winter mornings yet to come. In retrospect, it all makes perfect sense. This delicious soft-knit acrylic scarf measures a generous 71 inches and will drape your nape in a quirky, non-kosher protective wrap that lends the seasonal chill outside your front door a certain tasty sizzle. A cure for the common cold? Not exactly, but we’ve seen worse ways of keeping the sniffles away.

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