Olive Loaf Pillow Cover Grants Us The Comfort, Without The Stench Of Sleeping With Lunchmeat

This Olive Loaf Pillow Cover has instantly repaired our relationship with lunchmeat.

There’s no way we are alone in having looked at a bag of deli-fresh cold cuts and suddenly prioritized resting our weary heads on their meaty softness over making ourselves a sandwich. Of course, what always happens next? You guessed it: a few hours of pleasant napping later, we have nothing to show for our grocery money except a squished sack of turkey and juicy smears along our faces.

Never again, friends. The sateen Olive Loaf Pillow Cover fits any 18-by-18-inch throw pillow and affords anyone the surreal bliss of snoozing atop an imaginary meat tray. Say goodbye to improvised explanations to justify your hair smelling like a refrigerator drawer.

OK, you might still need to answer for that last problem. At least you won’t be able to blame it on sleeping with processed meats. Time to get creative, kids.

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Mmmmmm Meat!

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