Alien Xenomorph Egg Ceramic Cookie Jar Teases You To Take A Tasty Treat From A Facehugger

Who Took the Facehugger From The Alien Egg Ceramic Cookie Jar?

YOU took the facehugger from the … Ok, ok … the joke is too long and it doesn’t work unless you sing it like the nursery rhyme. This Alien Egg Ceramic Cookie Jar available from Amazon is just about the uncoolest housewarming gift to get as you move to LV-426, but the greatest to give if you’re that sort of person. Just picture your good friend getting used to their new place. New sounds, soft breeze moving creaky doors and them unable to sleep and wandering down to the kitchen for a midnight snack. In the dim light amid unpacked boxes of pots and plates a silhouette of a familiar shape that pings off the amygdala and their lizard brain tells them to run!

Sure enough it’s the Alien Egg and everything in their sleep deprived, moving taxed brain tells them not to reach in, there be facehuggers, but peanut butter cookies are worth the risk. They always are. And you can make sure they’re always fresh and safe because, really, who in their right mind would steal a cookie from the person that has that in their kitchen?

This detailed xenomorph egg has a facehugger lid, stands at 9” with a 5.5” diameter for plenty of snacks, and should only be washed by hand to ensure you have plenty of contact with it. If one day the lid is missing, the cookies are gone and there’s a skittering behind you, take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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No one can hear you scream for the last cookie

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