Samsung 34′ LED Cinema Screen Brings 4K To The Movies

With the dropping-like-a-stone price of larger 4K LED tv’s and often affordable sound systems available, watching movies at home has been the go-to move for consuming entertainment. Movie theaters have been aggressively marketing the out of the house experience to be “just like home”. Adding recliners and couches, full menus and a wait staff are slowly being introduced in major cities. The only thing you can’t do at this point is pause the flick in a packed theater for a bathroom break.

Samsung is looking to push at least one part of the theater experience to match what you can have in your living room. The Samsung Cinema Screen is the world’s first HDR LED theater display. Measuring a 34’ diagonal and a full 4K resolution, this monster display will have all the crispness and deep saturation you have at home, provided you’ve got your display calibrated correctly. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, amirite? No projector means no image distortion or interference, means a better viewing experience for everyone in the theater. Videophiles and cinema purists can have a field day arguing the merits of this all day, but in the end home is home and the theater is a shared experience. Nothing beats a great popcorn movie with a great crowd, except maybe a great popcorn movie with your family in their pajamas.

Source – Samsung

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