Nebo Lil Larry LED Light Is The Most Powerful Pen Flashlight Turning Night Into Day

Nebo’s Lil Larry LED Light is the EDC pocket torch for any flavor of apocalypse. Got infected on your tail on a moonless night? Let Lil Larry’s high mode light your way through the bramble. Need to check the sewer schematics as you pick your way through tunnels as clown laughter bounces off slick, damp walls? Use Lil Larry’s low mode to do a quick scan without drawing too much attention to you. You finally made it to the rooftop of a surrounded-by-zombies abandoned building and you need to signal the escape helicopter without blowing out your night vision? Use Lil Larry’s emergency red flasher to call in that bird to whisk you away to the safe zone.

Nebo’s Lil Larry LED light has an impact-resistant anodized aluminum casing and works as a miniature fluorescent lamp with a high output of 250 lumens. A magnetic base or the metal clip for your belt gives you a hands free moment to reload your crossbow. The water resistant design will keep it in working condition and the three AAA batteries needed to power it dry.

This 6” pen-sized work light weighs in at only 3 oz and it’s slim design is perfect for keeping any bug out bag from becoming too bulky. Alliteration aside let this little guy shine all over.

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I'm Gonna Let It Shine

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