26 Creepy Horror Fetish Footwear Only A Zombie Could Love

“Clothes don’t make the man,” the saying goes. Don’t ever try to pass that old saw off on a woman who cherishes her shoes, unless you happen to be out of range of anything light enough to throw but heavy enough to hurt.

Going a step further, definitely don’t try selling that to innovative shoemaker Kayla Stojek, proprietor of quirky-yet-fashionable Etsy shoe store Zombie Peepshow.

To put a fine point on it, a lady’s shoes are a unique signature point of pride, an embodiment of everything that defines her. Tragically, there are so very few lines of footwear that marries geeky chic to sexy stylish. Well, you know what else they say: “If you can’t find what you need, invent it.”

From bombastically adorable “Hello Teddy” and lacy “Shortcake” platform pumps and homages to Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” to captivating dark homages to the horrors of “Halloween” boogeyman Michael Myers, iconic “A Nightmare On Elm Street” somnambulist slasher Freddy Krueger and all and sundry demonic horrors of “Hellraiser”, Zombie Peepshow’s shoes are all individually handmade in styles that are as indisputably artful as they are fun and functional.

There are some things a girl loves that Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo will just never capture. We may never see R2-D2 light-up LED pumps roaming Fashion Week runways, but that’s cool. He was clearly destined for greater things than giving a supermodel amazing calves.Creepy-Fetish-Footwear (16)Creepy-Fetish-Footwear (27)

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