Swurfer Skateboarding Swing Amplifies Fun Into The Stratosphere

OK. Real talk for a second: Swurfer looks to us like a volatile “fail” compilation of epic biffs waiting to happen. What’s worse? It looks like so damn much fun, we’d line up to star in it.

What is a “Swurfer”, you ask? Exactly what the portmanteau implies – the nexus of surfboard and swing set. In all fairness, it looks immensely durable. Every Swurfer board is individually handcrafted in the U.S. of A. from sturdy hard rock maple wood with a UV and water-resistant finish and good to hold up to 250 lbs. Its inventive curved shape hangs from 80 feet of mildew and UV-resistant rope that hangs effectively from heights up to 20 feet – a fine fit for most trees, porches, rafters, or swing sets. Each kit includes a set of adjustable handles for safely controlled riding, with both additional handles and SwurfGrip foot pads sold separately.

Note that the Swurfer Plus kit doubles both the handles and included length of rope for even higher Swurfing. Well worth it, says us.

Speaking of, we’re positive it’s only a matter of time before YouTube becomes a treasure trove of flailing, screaming wipeout dives culminating in hilarious injuries to the amusingly inept. However, the way Swurfer slices deftly through the air like a longboard shooting curls off Maui, we just can’t deny this seems like such a sweet ride.

Swurfer-Swing (3)Swurfer-Swing (2)Swurfer-Swing (5)Swurfer-Swing (1)Swurfer-Swing (6)Swurfer-Swing (4)Swurfer-Swing (8)Swurfer-Swing (9)

Swurfer Swing
Swurfer Swing
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Swinging On Steroids

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