Weirdest Looking Alien Plant You Can Actually Eat!

This is One of the Weirdest Looking Things You Can Actually Eat!

It’s called romanesque cauliflower and apparently it’s entirely safe to eat and completely natural. Nevertheless, it looks about just as alien as it gets. Not only is it so lime green as to be almost luminescent, but it’s also shaped like a cross between a starfish and a pinecone with some amazing patterns on it. Those amazing patterns are also made all the more amazing for being an example of Fibonacci numbers occurring naturally. To be quite frank, it’s one of the more beautiful vegetables you’ll find.


This Plant Looks Like Fractals

So what exactly is it? As it turns out, it is not exactly a cauliflower but is in fact believed to be an ancestor to both cauliflowers and broccolis (some say).

At the very least this thing looks like it should come from the deepest depths of the ocean but nope, turns out it’s just a cruciferous vegetable that grows like any other. It doesn’t come from space but instead, Italy.

More importantly though, does it taste good? Well, if you like broccoli and cauliflower you should like this though it is a little less bitter than those two and a little sweeter. If you want to impress guests by dishing up something they won’t have tried before, this is the perfect choice!

romanesque cauliflower 2

Source – ViralNova

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