Check Out What the Winter Weather Has Done to These Cars! It’s Kind of Beautiful…

Waking up in the morning and finding your car frozen over is one of the more ‘quirks’ of winter. But for some people the experience can actually be quite serendipitous.

Behold these iced over cars that have been turned into veritable works of art thanks to the ice and snow that most of us find so annoying. Included are beautifully frozen cobwebs, amazing icy patterns and fractals and snow covered cars that look like they’re made of icing.

Too bad most of us just get a flat battery and jammed door!

antenna ice rolled up snow mother nature ice art mercedes ice wind iced sunflower ice wings ice webs ice feathers on car frozen bubbles frost tracks crystalled ice window crusted over ice car car layer ice


Source – Bored Panda

Best Ice Scrapers Ever
Best Ice Scrapers Ever
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