Unicorn Tea Infuser Brews Up A Touch Of Magic With Our Morning Cuppa

A piping-hot cup of tea’s wondrous soothing power is downright magical. Knowing that much, perhaps you would like to explain why you insist on brewing such an ethereally pleasing spot of steamy therapy using humdrum little pouches of shredded leaves instead of stowing those life-affirming herbs in the bowels of this Unicorn Tea Infuser from Firebox.

You simply have not embraced your delicious, teeming beverage’s most savory bliss until you have draped a magical equine beast made of food-safe silicone over the rim of your favorite mug and dispersed your tea from its belly and hindquarters. Face it, your next cuppa could only be made more wondrous if you were to add an actual downsized unicorn to simultaneously fart glitter into your cup. Even in that instance, the Unicorn Tea Infuser would remain our favorite of the pair.

Why? Simple: a live unicorn wouldn’t remain alive and glitter-farting very long if we split it in half to stuff it full of tea. No matter how often we bisect our little pony and fill its guts, our little friend Bizzle-Butt (yes, we named it) always comes through when our day could do with a plaintive, invigorating warm-up.

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Magically delicious

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