Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent Replicates All Comfort Of An Imperial Battle Station

Say what you will about the Galactic Empire. They may not boast often about their proven knack for training stormtroopers to hit the broadside of a grounded star cruiser with an energy rifle at 50 paces, but they know how to build a posh military installation. ThinkGeek’s exclusive, officially licensed Death Star Dome Tent demonstrates on a more modest scale just how accommodating and roomy Emperor Palpatine’s titanic battle station would be in real life.

Any child who has ever grown up with the original three Star Wars films has eventually daydreamed about exploring even a smallish corner of the original moon-dwarfing construct. Now, you and two of your buddies can hole up in a roomy hemisphere composed of Oxford polyester with 1k HH (Hydrostatic Head) waterproofing sans the luxury of indoor plumbing but equipped with a few convenient storage pockets and a central hook for added lighting or decoration. The floor measures a generous seven feet in diameter, but this spacious structure’s fast-click assembly frame utilizes joints instead of poles to allow it to pack down into a tidy 11-pound package every bit as quickly and easily as it sets up without a single exploitable ventilation shaft left vulnerable enough to bring the whole thing down.

Of course, the Death Star Dome Tent’s inner door does have a handy ventilation fly sheet. You may have to decide for yourself whether that constitutes a “weakness.”

In addition to the tent cover, inner compartment and waterproof carry bag, the Death Star Dome Tent also ships with pegs and guy ropes included.

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That's No Moon, It's A Tent

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