Size Matters Coffee Mug Serves Up Some Stiff Confidence With Your Coffee

Some of the finest things in life are best taken in an inch at a time. Just ask anyone who wields the Size Matters Coffee Mug with a certain not-remotely-compensatory confidence.

This satisfyingly girthy drinkware packs more personality, honesty and volume than some folks could handle. The actual-scale ruler printed on the side helps put its 32-ounce capacity into an intriguing proportion that hints at just how much potent, pleasing… “coffee” you’re packing. If someone should ever skeptically question your naturally cocky bravado, just discreetly dart your eyes down at the Size Matters Coffee Mug and raise a self-assured eyebrow without saying a word.

Believe the hype: “tall” is nice, but nobody refuses a stiff “grande.”

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