Shot Pong Puts Liquor Before Beer To Grow Hair On A Frat Boy’s Chest

Wow. You say no mere mortal can best you at beer pong? Let us all raise a Natty Light to the Lord of the Frat. Enough with the boyhood games. Step up to a game for the stout of heart with bellies of iron: Shot Pong.

Does this epic constitution check really require much explanation? Unpack this kit’s two sets of traditional plastic shot glasses and pair of ping-pong balls. Fill each cup with the shot of your choice. Take turns trying to sink your ball in one of your opponent’s glasses after another to force your foe to down the hooch contained therein before continuing. As liquor goes down the hatch and empties are removed, hitting the bottom of each successive cup tests a combatant’s focus more and more intensely.

The last shooter with a cup or two legs left standing wins. However, Shot Pong is an entirely more sadistic beast when Bud Light sits the bench in favor of Pappy Stumphumper’s Olde-Tyme Moonshine.

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