Grow Your Own Marijuana Kit… Almost… With Cleome

Picture this: unfortunately, you have the distinct pleasure of sharing close proximity with one of “those” neighbors who simply wants you gone at any cost. If you settle in to play six hours of “Call of Duty” on a Friday night, you could bake a pizza in the time it will take for police to show up at your door concerning reports that a gang shootout was underway in your living room. You start hearing Grandpa Simpson dialogue about men wearing onions on belts every time he starts shouting about crap on his lawn while you walk your dog. The city code-enforcement officer has been to your home enough times following up on complaints about your three-inch-tall grass creating an “eyesore” for you two to have a standing Karaoke Night appointment every Wednesday.

Well, if old Mr. McFuddyduddy harbors a grudge about your greenery, let’s step your retaliation up a notch. The Grow Your Own Marijuana kit looks and smells indistinguishable from genuine wacky tobacky. Let him nudge the cops to your door. From seed to weed in a few months, your garden’s biodegradable pots will actually sport a promising crop of cleome, a completely legal and harmless cannabis copycat. No harm, no foul. No fine or jail time, either.

The Grow Your Own Marijuana kit also includes a complement of handy plant markets, compost disks and easy-to-follow instructions.

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