Shark Sushi Plate Makes Your Next Japanese Feast A Feeding Frenzy

Shark Sushi Plate goes on the table, sushi goes on the table. Cat’s on the table. Our cat. Shark doesn’t scare the cat.

One of the two had to go. Since we’re illogically attached to this charming white handmade stoneware, Chairman Meow went to live on a farm upstate. For clarifications sake, “farm” actually means “Dancing Dragon Chinese Buffet.” Also, “upstate” means “next door to Ray’s Discount Pet Boarding.”

Don’t judge us. We’re also illogically attached to our spicy tuna rolls.

These individually signed and numbered 12.5 X 6 inch plates are the perfect table companions for not only sushi, but veggies with a side of hummus, crackers alongside guacamole, chicken wings and dipping sauces, or anything else that pairs well with a liberal splash of fun. The only thing it doesn’t go so well with? Dishwashers. Sorry, these are hand-wash only.


Shark Sushi Plate 2

Shark Sushi Plate 1

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Just when you thought it was safe to eat sushi...we're gonna need a bigger plate

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