Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pool Float Lets You Drink Cocktails Like Kirk

When you float around the pool alone you might find yourself feeling at once incredibly indulgent and relaxed and at the same time, kind of lame. It’s a bit of a cliché from some glamour magazine cover.

Instead then, why not sit in the captain’s chair from Star Trek and float around like a pompous Captain Kirk getting pleasure from some green wenches from Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd’s lair.

Capitains Chair Controls

Instead, pretend you’re hitting turbulence from Klingon torpedo attacks, by rocking around and splashing water everywhere. It looks relatively comfortable with a hole for your legs but you won’t be lying down so much as kicking your legs around through the gap in the middle or plonking your rear end in the seat with your legs sprawled out in front of you while you make phaser noises.

capitain kirk sitting in chair on tribble

capitain kirk sitting in chair on tribble


This is also a great way to get the pool all to yourself when the other swimmers  get out which is presumably because they recognize your authority as the pool captain.

Source – Gizmodo


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