47 Funny Cat Fails of Cats Who Regret Everything In Life, Immediately

Come off it, cat people. Your chosen fuzz-butts have their moments.

Yes, compared to attention-loving and faithful dogs, cats have a certain enigmatic aloofness and independence that makes them strangely appealing. They may not be as remotedly empathetic as a canine, but that’s part of the appeal, we suppose: they’re that friend that isn’t omnipresent, but “there” in just the right ways.

They may not be perpetually playful, but they are ever-amusing. They don’t want to be constantly lavished. You had just damn better be ready to make with the perfect petting when THEY want it, or you just might be the first against the wall when swiping coffee mugs off your desk turns into wondering when and how your big-eyed kitten procured weaponized cyanide.

Hey, if Daleks can engineer nigh-indestructible personal tanks in the absence of opposable thumbs and with the physiology of raw calimari, don’t underestimate Chairman Meow’s eventual mastery of a small country’s arsenal. The greatest trick Basement Cat ever performed was convincing the world he just wanted “cheezburger”.

Still, on the other hand, let’s not kid ourselves: every cat is made of at least 5% “DERP”. Show me the cat owner who has never shared a “How in Great Cthulu’s name did you get in THERE?” moment with a shamed feline, and I’ll show you a pet owner who is clearly parent to a dead cat. For all their willful mischief, curious cats inevitably land in situations that indeed call for them to shoot their owners looks warning, “If a second of this lands on YouTube, I will chew through your brake lines.”

Other times? You know what, that look is really just saying, “I swear, there’s an explanation for this. I just can’t promise it’s a good one.”

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