The Scream Electronic Scream-Maker Gives Instant Voice To Our Existential Anguish

This “The Scream” Electronic Scream-Maker offers a certain sense of soothing clarity to anyone who has ever stared at Edvard Munch’s ode to existential angst and asked, “What would that anguished howl really sound like, anyway?”

Would his cry of erupting frustration evoke a song of inescapable torment encapsulated within a sole frozen instant? Perhaps a banshee’s terrible, haunted wail? Maybe all of our imaginations have missed the mark entirely, and it would be more of a Wilhelm scream reminiscent of an Imperial stormtrooper who took aim at Luke Skywalker and somehow blew his own daddy-bag off. For what it’s worth, we like to think our guy is cutting loose with a Ric Flair-style “Woooo!”

In any case, artistic appreciation is a journey of personal discovery above all else. Press this raging plastic lad’s button whenever and wherever reality feels like a herd of sumo wrestlers in training dog-piling on your soul, and find out for yourself what his pained bellowing imparts unto your unique place in this awful world. Whenever Donald Trump converts Twitter into his personal verbal Porta Potty, “The Scream” will be there. Wherever petulant man-children insist that anything without dangling lower bits owes them some bedroom bam-bam and is actively defying their civil rights by holding out, “The Scream” will be there. Anytime Starbucks starts playing Christmas music the day before Labor Day, “The Scream” will definitely be there.


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