Heat-Sensitive Thermal iPhone Case Changes Color With Every Touch

As perpetually grateful as we are to our heavy-duty OtterBox smartphone cases for the unruly beatings they endure to shield our devices from destruction, this colorful Heat-Sensitive iPhone Case is for iPhone 6 & 7 models right now, gains a stylish leg up on its competition by lending our indispensable Apple gadgets an unmatched vivid flair all our own.

Obviously, you can consider us thoroughly impressed and amused by the way its brilliant thermal reactions alter the case’s coloration according to the temperature of our hands, leaving behind a neat accented imprint capable of amusing us far more consistently than we’re comfortable admitting. Praising only its dynamic visual panache would seriously sell this shell short, though. While probably not quite as nigh-indestructible as higher-priced elite life-proof cases, the exceptional TPU material’s shock-absorbing technology withstands a serious pounding in its own right to safeguard your iPhone 7 from dust, dirt, scratches and drop damage without flinching. The bumper edge’s non-slip matte texture complements the shell’s toughness with an easy-to-hold feel conceived to keep your phone from slipping your grip. The Blyus Heat-Sensitive iPhone 7 Case’s brilliant design also easily accommodates any charger’s plug and allows continued easy access to all device features without having to remove the armor.

The Blyus Heat-Sensitive iPhone 7 Case is easily as smart and sexy as it is tough. However, be advised that its temperature-activated effects may fail in environments warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.

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