Nixie Tube Watch Is Fashionable Throwback To The Retro Nuclear Age

For being based on the technology that inspired the “Fallout” video game franchise’s world, the Nixie Tube Watch is one feature-rich little timepiece.

Each slim watch’s body weighs 70 grams and is milled from a single solid piece of either titanium or aluminium 7075 measuring 56 by 44 by 15.5 millimeters and bedecked with subtle, stylish brass accents. That durable exterior combines with the very same gorilla glass used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 to protect four Nixie Z-5900 vacuum tubes comprising a 512-color configurable LED display that provides readouts of not only the accurate time plus or minus 10 seconds in either a 12 or 24-hour format but the date in a day-month-year format, remaining battery charge as a percentage, the status of a position-memorizing accelerometer and Celsius temperature accurate to within 10 degrees in either direction using a nifty “slot machine” style and seven adjustable brightness levels. This clever devil is every bit as handy as it is handsome.

The Nixie Tube Watch is also remarkably durable, from its dependable splash protection and choice of high-quality steel, mesh or leather strap to battery life ranging between two to three weeks with the accelerometer activated and more than a month with manual ignition engaged.

It was built to operate at temperatures ranging from 33 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (up to 40 degrees Celsius) for the height of conversation-starting fashion and surprising toughness. When the juice does die down, the non-removable lithium-polymer battery recharges via magnetic contacts at a Mogano Meranti-designed wooden docking station with a stately brass base. An individual LED will light up during the charging process and shut off upon completion.

Each order includes one monocolor or bicolor Nixie Tube Watch, a docking station with 5V USB Type B output and a charging cable.

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