Rock Climbing Mug Let’s You Get A Grip On Your Day Right From The Start

Every morning already feels like a sheer uphill climb. The Rock Climbing Mug from Etsy purveyors Climbergoods simply allows you to get an unbreakable grip on your day right from the start.

Each 12-ounce mug swaps out a traditional handle in favor of a rugged climbing hold in your choice of red, yellow, purple, blue, orange, black, pink or green. The next time you need to pull yourself up a level in order to rise to the occasion, just start with your next steamy cuppa and conquer one step at a time from there. If you need to make your struggle truly real, Climbergoods will gladly stencil and engrave an inspirational name or phase up to two words for an additional $10 per mug and an extra week added to the estimated delivery time. After all, it isn’t always what awaits at the top but what drives your journey that matters.

Be advised, the climbing hold’s socket cap screw is purely decorative and does not actually hold anything in place. However, it is metallic and will predictably not do well in a microwave or dishwasher. For all other intents and purposes, each Rock Climbing is satisfaction guaranteed for the full life of the product. If you or the recipient experiences any defect at all during use, Climbergoods will replace the item or refund the purchase price at no extra charge.

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Scaling The Morning Grind Is Much Easier

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