Wagz Connected Collar Keeps Your Pooch Close…Without An Actual Tether

Wagz is the ultimate high-tech collar for humans who experience some serious pangs of guilt at the thought of tethering their four-legged spirit animals on a seemingly daily basis.

Could you blame us for a few pangs of self-loathing? Imagine if someone had to attach you to a lead every single time you wanted to poop or take a stroll around the block. Your dignity would die a slow little death every single time you inadvertently nearly choked yourself out chasing a squirrel or making haste to thoroughly assess the aroma of the bunghole on that handsome husky next door. Wagz is the only app-connected collar that wirelessly monitors your dog’s exercise, location, activity and even food and barking while restricting its roaming with invisible fencing and streaming a live HD video feed of everything around it.

You read that correctly: in addition to an embedded GPS capable of showing you exactly wherever your dog is at any time via the free-of-charge mobile app, you can either remotely activate the embedded camera or simply set it to activate automatically whenever your dog barks. Either way, a dog’s-eye view is always accessible at your fingertips for a quick check-in.

Meanwhile, integrated ultrasonic sensors deliver harmless, gentle vibration to restrict your dog’s roaming both when going for a walk by your side or wandering your yard. Whenever Rex stretches the distance a bit too far, Wagz will serve up a harmless-but-effective warning to stay close to either you or your home. If your pet should slip away somehow, the collar’s Smart ID will instantly provide all vital information on an easy-to-read display, even if the battery expires. A handy set of lights activates directly from the mobile app or automatically when interacting with external illumination to alert oncoming traffic to your dog. Topping these rich features off, Wagz also tracks how many calories your dog burns each day and the extent of its regular exercise to offer a glimpse into its daily exercise.

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