PanWaffle Solves The Biggest Debate At Breakfast Time: Pancakes Or Waffles?

We’ve all found ourselves at breakfast time struggling to decide how we want to eat our syrup. (Come on we all know that the pancake or waffle is just an excuse to eat the syrup). Pancakes offer a quick, fluffy breakfast food that is easy enough for anyone to make in a plain old pan. Waffles on the other hand require a little more work and a waffle iron, but offer a crunch and convenient pockets to hold your toppings. Both have great things to offer, so why not have both?

PanWaffle to the rescue! This groundbreaking piece of kitchenware gives you the best of both worlds. It looks like a hybrid of waffle maker and skillet, coming in a two piece round design. The flat bowl depresses for pancake batter like a moat around the miniature waffle iron that rests in the center. As you pour your batter in and close the lid, the magic begins. Simply use the PanWaffle on the stove like any other skillet and watch as your breakfast dilemmas are solved. When cooking is done, you’ll have a generous round pancake that has a waffle sticking out of the middle like a triumphant castle.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the PanWaffle doesn’t stop there. It is fitted with stay-cool handles so that it is safe to touch and cook with. The hinge locks open at 90-degrees so you can easily prep and remove your PanWaffle from it. It also comes apart at the hinge and is dishwasher safe for quick cleaning. It comes with a nonstick coating that resists scratches, so your PanWaffle will always come out looking and tasting great. This is a great addition to any kitchen and is the answer to your breakfast debate. Get your hands on one today and start PanWaffling!


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Pancake and Waffle? What could be better!?

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