Back To The Future Slippers Are Comfy Replicas Of Everyone’s Favorite Futuristic Shoes

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers then this might be what you’re looking for. These crochet slippers will have you flying high (not on a hoverboard yet) as you walk around looking like Marty McFly. Since no one we know of can knit a DeLorean (if you do let us know… seriously) these slippers will have to do.

Each pair is made from high quality organic yarn and are hand made by artists. With close attention to detail, the grey high tops are visually a match to the ones in the movie. A black undersole and white strap around the ankle is matched by the red, orange, and yellow accent on the heel. The timeless Nike swoosh is also included. These slippers are able to be ordered in both men’s and women’s adult sizes as well as children’s sizes. They make a great gift for any Back to the Future fan or anyone who likes to keep their feet warm in a stylish way. Socks are so overrated.

As a bonus, these slippers have a sole crocheted into the bottom to help them last and to let you walk smoothly on slippery surfaces. The sole makes it possible to wear these inside as slippers or make a statement by wearing them out of the house. Don’t blame us though if people look at you like you are from another time.

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