Instagram Doodle Project Imagines More out of Our Lackluster Photos

Facebook is one of the largest social media giants these days, and their influence reaches further than you may think. Back in 2012, this competitive network acquired Instagram, everyone’s favorite photo, video, and social networking service. This site lets users utilize the website as a base of operations to send media to other social networking platforms.

While that’s all fine and dandy, for those bored with the typical pictures of their pets, trees, or fruits and veggies, a user on Instagram has started an awesome new project that’s determined to bring fun to the site. His name is Suraj Sirohi, and this guy uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to remix photos with hilarious doodles. Though this project has yet to be automated, you can email Sirohi your lackluster photos for a much-needed remix.

Imagine more out of those photos.

Source – Laughing Squid

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