Rocket Raccoon Backpack Protects Your Galaxy from Intergalactic Bullies

Nobody was sure what to think when we saw previews for the 10th installment for the Marvel Universe, but Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge success, grossing nearly 800 million dollar from a 200 million-dollar budget. We were all entranced after watching Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket restore order to the galaxy, and the adventure isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

Back in 2014, fans went crazy when a screenwriter confirmed a sequel due to the positive response of the first film, but it looks like we’ll have to wait til 2017 for that. So in the meantime, who’s the best team member?

If anyone, it’s gotta be the sassy genetically-engineered raccoon Rocket. Without his untamed battle tactics, Quill and the others would’ve never gotten out of their predicament. Rocket lovers can rejoice in ThinkGeek’s exclusive Rocket Raccoon Backpack Buddy. This plush backpack fits kids, smaller adults, and has an 18” strap that’s easy to adjust. Best of all, this raccoon will back you up when those intergalactic bullies cross onto your turf.

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