Incredible Milkshakes On Steroids Will Have You Drooling For Days

Black Tap Gourmet Milkshakes Are So Good, We Can’t Even…

Since movies never ever lie to us – least of all cinema, the impeccable realism of Quentin Tarantino – we accept a pretty sound standard for what a “$5 milkshake” looks like. It may not look like much, but a little something looking not much unlike what we’d sip at Steak n’ Shake apparently knocked the smack and blow out of Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace.

So, if that fairly unassuming, bourbon-free shake costs a five spot and just might rival premium narcotics for sheer enjoyability, just what exactly is a fair price for one of these monstrosities of sweet indulgence crafted by New York eatery Black Tap?

Our take? Between the candy floss, chorus lines of Oreos and hot fudge-drenched freshly baked cookies, we’d pawn antique gold jewelry for a sip.

Thinking you’ve got the wrinklies to give one of these frosty glasses of sugar-soaked Nirvana a go? Well, Wilford Brimley be with you, child. Make way for calories in the thousands by simply setting up a cot in your neighborhood gym and seeing if the management will let you forward your mail. You’ll be working it off for a while.

But, hey, one taste, and you’ll know where that extra money went.

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