Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill Funko POP! Is Your Sly Conscience By Your Side

Need A Sly Conscience To Be Your Guide? Better Get This “Better Call Saul” Funko POP! Vinyl

Some people are immune to good advice. Don’t be one of them. Thanks to Funko, you can now and always let Albuquerque’s most trusted potato-eater be your questionable conscience with this brand-new Jimmy McGill “Better Call Saul” POP! Vinyl Figure that stands about 3 3/4 inches tall.

Face it, if he can keep Walter White and Jesse Pinkman walking free above ground, there’s precious little legal mojo that’s out of the hands of the future “Saul Goodman”. Saul talks fast, thinks faster, and always knows his and his clients’ “outs”. Planning a second career as an up-and-coming meth cook to shore up a nest egg and finally discover something you can do better than anyone else on Earth? Need a shyster with a shaky moral compass to cover your tracks?

It’s a given: better call Saul.

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I'm a Lawyer, Not A Criminal!

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