Hydrographic Printing Brings 3-D Printing To a Whole New Dimension of Awesomeness

Tired of 2-D illustrations and renderings? Heard of 3-D but not impressed just yet? You may want to reconsider, because it looks like their game just got a lot better with a new advanced technique. 3-D printing is known for creating custom-made simple and complex objects, but objects with a diverse range of shapes have proved difficult for the new tech to execute on an effective level.
Hydrographic printing

With a new technique called Computational Hydrographic printing designed by Zheijiang University in China, a new range of complex objects can be executed nearly flawlessly. A group can use a 3-D vision system to predict distortions that an intended image will have and adjust it to create a perfect overlay. Once an object is submerged, a layer of printed film is wrapped around the submerged object’s curves for a perfect paint job.

How’s that for innovation?



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