22 Incredibly Realistic 3D Floor Designs Bring The Ocean Into Any Room

When designing our homes , we often dream of living in paradise. A place that feels like we are on vacation all the time. Unfortunately for most of us , this is not a reality. Most of homes need a lot of work, especially with the floors, that, lets face it, keep us from living in the paradise we dream of. If only we could close our eyes and when we open them and look down, our feet are in the clear blue waters of the caribbean vacation.

With 3D flooring, fantastical, magical places are now under your feet that is only limited by your imagination. A design company in Dubai called Imperial Interiors have been designing since 1999, and, part of what they bring to their customers is a form of 3D designed printed flooring that you would swear is a real beach under your feet. Even some of them have real looking dolphins swimming around your bathrooms. Just take a look at some of these brilliant looking designs that bring the impossible into your home.

Which one would you choose?

3D Floors

3D Floors 2

3D Floors 24

3D Floors 4

3D Floors 5

3D Floors 6

3D Floors 7

3D Floors 8

3D Floors 9

3D Floors 10

3D Floors 11

3D Floors 12

3D Floors 13

3D Floors 14

3D Floors 15

3D Floors 17

3D Floors 18

3D Floors 19

3D Floors 20

3D Floors 21

3D Floors 22

3D Floors 23

Source – Imperialae



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