Impulse iPhone Case Knocks Out the Competition With Portable Speakers

Mediocre iPhone cases are a diamond dozen. You avoid those little kiosks at the mall like the plague as employees chase you down begging you to buy their sub-par wares. You don’t mind the concept of an iPhone case, but what do you get in return other than just a look? You want utility, not some Hello Kitty phone case that doesn’t do anything. Your wait may finally be over.

Enter the Impulse iPhone 6 case. This rather alien-looking device sets itself apart from faulty alternatives by doubling as a portable speaker. It features 4 mini bass-reflex speakers with a sound amplifier and additional audio circuits for a real boost in sound capability on your phone.

Iphone speaker case
This is a fully rechargeable case and won’t drain your battery like a blood-lusting Dracula as Bluetooth speakers can do. A built-in microphone capable of being used as a speakerphone, some playback controls, and a kickstand provide some added bells and whistles for those of you skeptics out there.

Like all phone cases, this one adds some bulkiness to your mobile device, but what you gain in sound is worth the cost of being a little more cumbersome. Liven up that pool party this summer by showing off your love of geek jams or simply create a better ambience for your home. It’s a win-win with the Impulse iPhone case.


Iphone speaker case Iphone speaker case

Iphone speaker case
Iphone speaker case
Iphone speaker caseSource – Technabob via Indegogo
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