Interactive 3D Art Museum Lets You Become Part Of The Paintings

We’ve all been to a museum and when you try and take a picture with your friends, a guard promptly stops you. Doesn’t that suck? Sure it does. And this Art in Island museum in the Philippines knows it too.  This fun museum was converted from a bus station in 2014 where they showcase over 200 various 3D works of art to play in. It’s why they actually encourage you to take pictures with the art. In fact, the art itself is designed specifically so you and your friends can enjoy taking fun pictures and sharing it with your friends. Most museums are very serious in nature. Art in Island lets you be goofy. Whats not to love.

In the video, Blyth Cambaya explains that the art itself is not complete unless you take pictures with them. How cool is that?

Source – Bored Panda / Art in Island 

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