Flower Power Steam Releaser Gives That Steam Heat Some Release

Do you believe in free love? Are your quirky hippie beliefs only countered by your culinary prowess? Wake up and smell the flowers with a Flower Power Steam Releaser. This device by OTOTO design does just as it promises to do and brightens up that drab kitchen of yours with some much-needed love.

This device helps release that steam heat you’ve been building up over the years and has white petals with a green stem. The petals even spin when the heat is on! You pride yourself on your green ways, so the next time you’re serving up with specially seasoned vegetables or tainted potatoes why not make it easier while having something nice to look at?

Good luck not having your kids turn this device into their pinwheel!

Flower Power Steam Releaser Flower Power Steam Releaser Flower Power Steam Releaser (4) [offer_product]

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