Happy Birthday Retro Flashing Cake Topper Remembers The Good Times That Stay In Vegas

This “Happy Birthday” Flashing Cake Topper from Suck U.K. answers a fair question that not nearly enough people have ever asked: when you stop to think about it, do candles ever lend a cake any measure of pizzazz truly befitting celebration of the day a loved one was born? Come on, if you aren’t going to reenact burnt biblical sacrifices with Lego minifigs atop a delicious dessert, why litter it with itsy-bitsy fires at all? All you’re really doing is dripping wax onto someone else’s food.

Instead, let this retro Las Vegas-style neon sign infuse the next birthday you celebrate with a little taste of Sin City’s irresistible glitz. The minuscule LEDs illuminate and flash in sequence with a push of a button and can be reused endlessly to let all and sundry know, “The party is right here!” Why, if you were so inclined, you could even present a cake festively commemorating that one birthday party when your best friends actually took you to Vegas for a weekend. You remember that, don’t you? Oh, man.

You shared adventures and laughs that will keep for a lifetime in your heart, and nowhere else. That’s because we all took an oath that the events of that weekend would follow us to our graves. We remember that part. Do you?


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