Finger Feet Gives Your Fingers Mad Chuck Norris Skills

Finger Feet definitively answer a question we’re certain enough no one has ever asked: what if Mother Nature decided to one-up her notion of primates with feet that function as extra hands by giving human beings little feet atop their fingers?

OK, so these 2-inch-tall vinyl feet don’t so much answer pressing questions of evolutionary adaptation as let your fingers do some delightfully literal walking the next time you’re bored. If you think that somehow narrows their appeal, you couldn’t be much more sadly mistaken.

Now, every time one of our little rugrats acts up and earns a classic warning flick behind the ear to straighten them up, we can equip our digits with Finger Feet and pretend we’ve dispatched a miniature Chuck Norris to dispense some tiny roundhouse kicks of justice upside their heads.

Parenting Level: MASTER.



8.5 Total Score
Not to sound corny, but this thing got soul.

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