Dog Mop Heads Look Like Real Komondor Dogs

Are you a dog lover? Well, here is something fun you might like that will surely add a little enjoyment into your daily cleaning routine – a mop that looks like a dog? Yeah, it is strange, a little bit weird, but really cute. This novelty item has definitely ‘gone to the dogs’.

Let’s face it, cleaning around the house is not a fun chore, for most people, but it doesn’t have to be that way with this little mop that looks like an adorable fluffy dog. So, next time you have to whip-out the mop to clean your floors, you don’t have to go-it alone with your faithful mop companion. You could even give him or her a name?

When you adopt this mop, you are getting a cleaning buddy that will make your time pass quickly, because you’ll have fun mushing it around. These dog mop heads are from Japan, a country that loves cuteness in all things, even mops. Cleaning the floor can be a ‘ruff’ job, but someone has to do it.

Komondor Dog Mops (3)Komondor Dog Mops (7)Komondor Dog Mops (1)Komondor Dog Mops (6)

Source – Geekologie

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