Electric Jellyfish Aquarium Are Hypnotic & Relaxing Pets You Never Have To Feed

Do you sit at home a lot, watching the TV or looking outside the window? Well, if you get board with your regular viewing regime, then you will surely find this little Electric Jellyfish Aquarium, interesting enough.

Jellyfish are underrated, sure they are poisonous, but these strange yet graceful creatures are entertaining and relaxing to watch. With this little desktop tank, you will have two faux jellyfish to watch swimming gracefully, as they frolic around in their habitat. All you need to do is just fill the tank with water and add a few drops of your favorite dish-washing soap.

Like an underwater ballet show, there are 18 bright LED lights used to set the jellyfishes mood. The lights have them blending their colors like a kaleidoscope, or you can just choose only the color you like, either way, it’s hypnotic and relaxing, a great item to have a work, just in case.

Distilled water and dish-washing soap not included.

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Soooo Relaxing. Ahhhhhh!

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