You Won’t be Able to Look Away From This Infinite Hypnotic Zooming Image

This image is actually an incredible, infinitely looping design that’s hypnotic to watch when played on a loop and that feels like you’re on some sort of strange amusement ride when you watch it being zoomed into as a video.

Watch it and you will very likely not be able to look away as you are taken into a journey of the mind. Also you’ll probably be driven mad by all the strange Salvador Dali-esque imagery.

The image was created by an artist from Berlin called Nikolaus Baumgarten and his team and for all it’s mad it’s also pretty amazing. It can be downloaded as an Android Live Wallpaper, which is awesome. Just try not to vomit

.Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt

Source – ZoomQuilt

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