Automatic Moving Dartboard Ensures A Perfect Bullseye With Every Throw

If you are like most people who enjoy throwing darts, you are probably not hitting anywhere near the “bulls eye” – the center of the dartboard, consistently. To do that takes a lot of practice, and a steady hand, which is not so easy when you’ve had a few drinks.

Well, honestly, it feels good to hit the bulls-eye of a dart board, and one fella named Mark Rober, along with his friends, want to feel that good all the time. So, they set out on a mission to create something “great” – a motion tracking dart board that anyone can hit the bulls-eye. And, they succeeded!

The auto-tracking dartboard turns everyone into a pro, its amazing how the will to win at darts have motivated these “smart guys” to make the bar world a better place? With 6 cameras, motion detectors, lots of electronic equipment and computing power, all you have to do is throw a dart near to this dartboard and it will move to catch it right in the center – in the bulls-eye.

So, where does the auto-tracking dartboard and crew go from here? Probably down to the local bar to help anyone who has a dart throwing deficiency feel better about themselves.

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