Deadpool Knife Block Only LOOKS Like It Demands Maximum Effort To Create

This Deadpool Knife Block is precisely what Deadpool would buy…if he ever needed a knife block.

Which he doesn’t, of course. Which he never will. Hello? The Merc With The Mouth doesn’t need a separate place to put his knives. Everywhere he goes, there are plenty of bad guys he can stick them in for convenient storage within easy reach.

Of course, given his almost unmatched healing factor, this superb 3D-printed design by creative Instructables contributor BrittLiv does speak to another line of reasoning that might save Wade W. Wilson a little time: Deadpool would probably be just as keen to shove the knives into his head either because he can do it without dying or just to see the look on someone’s face.

After all, not like he’d be stabbing away at anything that can’t grow back.

BrittLiv approached making it easier to repeatedly stab Deadpool in the brain with a pretty meticulous sense of order. First, she printed each section individually before assembling the pieces, coating the whole thing in resin, and painting the completed bust. Since she knows as well as we do that nobody can resist poking Deadpool right in the brain, she has uploaded all the necessary instructions and files for making your own Deadpool Knife Block to Instructables for your 3D printing enjoyment.

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