Gigantic Burger Beach Blanket Brings Delicious Beef To The Beach

This five-foot Fun Food Hamburger Oversized Beach Blanket from the quirky folks at BigMouth Inc. is about as simple as sun-soaked joy gets.

Sure, we could wax practically about its fine 100% polyester microfiber fabric. It certainly is one damned comfortable giant towel that’s right at home either poolside or spread out on the sand. That being said, you don’t want this whopper for any sensible reason. Let’s not kid each other.

You simply know that this big boy is your one chance to grind your behind into a huge hamburger without being escorted our of Red Robin. Again. For the third time this week.

Of course, if a burger isn’t exactly your flavor of whimsy, feel free to also check out BigMouth Inc.’s similarly sized giant pizza and donut beach blankets.

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