Cheesy Love Songs Cheese Board, For When Need To Tell Someone, “Brie Mine”

It ain’t easy, being cheesy. Just ask anyone ever tasked with penning the next quintessential romantic ballad destined to pluck the collective heart-strings of generations to come. Think of this Cheesy Love Songs Cutting Board as the very least we could offer in respect to those balladeers of Bleu-eyed soul.

Nothing stirs a wistful yearning for nascent romance quite like reminiscing about that most cherished of lost courtship offertories, the mixtape. Once upon a time, Nick and Norah didn’t have infinite playlists to convey soul-rending emotions to which no other semantic art could deign to do justice. Rather, a lovestruck Romeo or Juliet could impress their most ardent desires from “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” to “I Touch Myself” with no more profoundly artful candor than within the finite confines of a single analog cassette. Measuring a generous 10.5 inches long by seven inches wide, this laser-etched solid beechwood cutting board is the ultimate way to tell that unforgettable someone, “You can ring my Babybel.”

Who even needs a lover, anyway? Give us that sweet dairy dalliance any day. Cheese will never tell us we’re not Gouda-’nuff for it. Everyone else just leaves us Provolone again, naturally.

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Retro way to cut the cheese

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