Chinese Takeout Fortune Cookie Jar Holds Ancient Wisdom, Crispy Treats

Everyone should own at least one of these Ceramic Chinese Takeout Box Fortune Cookie Jars, if only to infuse any day that ends in either “y” or “why?” with a needed pinch of sage wisdom where it hits hardest.

The next time life has you down to the felt and holding a bad hand, take a deep breath and invest your judiciously skeptical faith in the delightful taste of ancient wisdom. No one fully appreciates the moment of clarity found in a platitude the length of a presidential tweet until a crispy dessert finishes off leftover kung pao chicken with a bona fide epiphany.

“Wait. Yes! The man who walks around with his hand in his pocket feels cocky all day. It makes perfect sense!”

OK, so there’s an outstanding chance your most oppressive struggles amount to far higher stakes than the ramifications of what transpires in your pants. Don’t be greedy. Relish the baby steps. The man who masters himself is greater than he who conquers a city. Once you deal with that whole pocket-pool issue, Grasshopper, your trials will have prepared you to unravel the mystery of the man who walks through an airport turnstile backwards.

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