Dungeon Master’s Watch Plays A Critical Role In Making Sure A Wizard Arrives Exactly When He Means To

You have a sunrise meeting with your kingdom’s most dimwitted-yet-influential barbarian lord over teeming coffee and bacon burnt black to parley for a leave of absence from your labor and livelihood to join the joviality of your village’s Renaissance Festival. Sadly, you lack sufficient wisdom to enchant your +5 smartphone with an alarm spell that would have kept you abreast of the hour and ensured you make due haste from your hovel to the terrible oaf’s dingy inn of choice. You know, the one apparently owned by “Denny.”

For want of the Dungeon Master’s Watch from ThinkGeek in your inventory, the appointed hour arrives and passes without your presence. Your critically failed perception check costs you dearly. Instead of feasting upon turkey legs the size of small children, you spend your Friday evading Ted from Accounting as he incessantly drones some foreign gibberish about the tepid mummer’s farce he watched via his obscenely large viewing portal the evening past. Something about a theory of big bangs. Ugh.

Do not allow such a tragic scenario to befall you, Paladin. The handsome motif of the Dungeon Master’s Watch will keep you constantly looking at your wrist to appreciate its tabletop dungeon map and tumbling metal dice. Consequently, you will always be keenly aware of time yet to pass until your party convenes again for your next campaign.

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