Best In Glass Wine Glass Awards Your Daily Victory With Winning Some Wine

Upon whom or what does this congratulatory Best in Glass stemware lavish its praise?

Is it praising you for racking up an epic winning streak in life’s most precarious games, such as “Put on the Pants?”

Perhaps it instead whispers to the decadent wine poured into its curvaceous hollow, “You know what? You make everything good things better and everything else tolerable.”

Maybe these are simply serving directions to blend in when surrounded by civilized company: “Hey, let’s perhaps not glug that pinot grigio straight from the bottle in front of the Canadian Prime Minister.”

Here’s another intriguing perspective: screw it, who the hell cares? This hand-blown borosilicate glass with ornate gold lettering adorning its body is downright dapper dressing up all 12 ounces of your preferred vintage to look as lovely in any setting as drinking it feels. Knowing you, that drink won’t be sticking around long, anyway. It might as well make a dignified impression while it can.

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