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Anatomical Ducky & Balloon Dog Toys Make Playtime Macabre, Educational & Creepy

We’re staunch believers that those who cock up a job badly enough the first time don’t get asked to do it again.

As it happens, our friends and relatives just aren’t seeing through our manufactured enthusiasm clearly enough when they ask us to babysit. If they did, they would realize in a heartbeat that we would rather undergo a circumcision performed by Stevie Wonder than spend our Friday nights watching their misbehaving crumb-snatchers.

Therefore, we’d like to thank pop artist Jason Freeny for these anatomical Ducky & Balloon Dog Toys. When our friends and loved ones realize we let their toddlers play with these creepy little statues, our days of watching DOC McSTUFFINS for four-bloody-hours are over.

In the meantime, we get the sheer glee of detaching the bones and organs of this four-inch Ducky and eight-inch Balloon Dog for our own macabre playtime. Hey, when your children tinker with Mother Nature’s status quo for organs and bones, they’re potential serial killers. When we do it? Well, it’s a slow Monday.

Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (14)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (8)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (3)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (4)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (5)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (6)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (7)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (2)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (15)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (16)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (17)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (18)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (19)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (20)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (1)
Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (11)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (12)Anatomy-Balloon-Dog-Bathing-Ducky-Jason-Freeny (13)


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