Vodka Infused with Cannabis Sativa Marries Two Tastes That Taste Great Together

When Christmas Day rolls around, does it mean little more to you than “Hooray! Less than four months until ‘4/20’?” Have you ever wished that something, anything, could taste as good as fresh cannabis smells and getting f***ed up in a fashion language hasn’t yet adequately described feels?

If you have a refined sensual appreciation for exquisite intoxicants, then cozy up to Humboldt’s Finest, the cannabis sativa-infused vodka with a distinguished botanical aroma and smooth finish that could only emanate from a touch of fine southern Oregon hemp.

This premium 80 proof, 40% ABV small batch vodka is indeed a byproduct of the very first crop of legally cultivated industrial hemp grown under the authorization of the 2014 United States Farm Bill. Shaken or stirred, you haven’t had a uniquely superb martini until you’ve sipped one straight-up and lightly toasted.

Don’t wait. Released in Spring 2016, Humboldt’s Finest is available now in a very limited edition run.HumboldtsFinestSmall


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Can you actually get DRUNK & HIGH at the same time? Let's give it a shot!

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